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Strategic Plan
CMA Board Statement
The CMA has been continuing its efforts aimed at making the capital market more stable and supportive of the national economy and more appealing for investment. As part of its role in regulating and developing the capital market and protecting investors, the CMA has developed a comprehensive strategic plan covering the period 2015 – 2019. The preparation of this plan took into account harmonization with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 10th Development Plan as well as the required resiliency to adapt to future changes. Through the implementation of this plan, the CMA seeks to achieve its vision to make the Saudi capital market a pioneer market earning the trust of investors and delivering fairness, efficiency and transparency in securities transactions.

During the preparation of the strategic plan, we have studied the most important challenges to the capital market, its needs and other influential factors. We have also taken into account the views and comments of specialists at the CMA and those of market participants such as listed companies, authorized persons (APs) and investors. Eventually, the results of this study have formed the building blocks in the designing of our plan. Nevertheless, the CMA has presented its plan to the Advisory Committee to ensure that it is comprehensive and suitable for the upcoming period.

After reviewing and analyzing the information and data, we have identified and prioritized the strategic issues. Also, benchmarking studies have been conducted to explore international best practices in developed and emerging markets. Several workshops have been organized to develop the components of the strategic plan including strategic objectives and initiatives which are broken down into four strategic themes, namely: (1) foster capital market development, (2) promote investor protection, (3) improve the regulatory environment, and (4) enhance CMA’s organizational excellence.

Finally, the CMA Board extends its thanks and gratitude to the CMA’s employees for their distinguished efforts in developing the strategic plan, and to whoever contributed to enriching it. The CMA will continue consultation and communication with market participants to consider their views and suggestions, as it recognizes the importance of such approach in implementing its strategic plan.
To make the Saudi capital market a pioneer market earning the confidence of investors.

Regulate and develop the capital market to be an investment-conducive environment; promote fairness, efficiency and transparency in protection of market participants.

  • Integrity
    The CMA shall be a role model in integrity with every sense of this value encompassing truthfulness, fairness, and non-conflict of interests while complying with the rules and regulations.


  • Responsibility
    Make every effort with honesty and responsibility to achieve the CMA’s mission and objectives.


  • Transparency
    Act openly by providing relevant information and promoting disclosure in the capital market.


  • Social Responsibility
    Contribute to training, education and awareness activities in the society, and constantly improve the services rendered to market participants.


  • Cooperation and Consultation
    Strengthen the values and practices of cooperation, teamwork spirit and mutual respect within the CMA and with market participants.


  • Excellence
    Ignite the capabilities of CMA staff to take initiatives, commit to quality, be creative and responsible towards excellence, and keep professional communication with all market participants.


  • Staff Care
    Offer a professional work environment that recruits and maintains the best human capabilities.
Strategic Plan Themes and Objectives
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