Frequently Asked Questions for the Disclosure of a Deceased's Investment Assets Service
  • ​​​How do I apply for the provision of securities and investment accounts belonging to a deceased?
      The application can be submitted by registering a new user and logging in via the links below:
      • Register a new user.
      • Logging in to submit the application\Query for previously submitted applications. 

  • What documents should be attached with the application?
A copy of the deed of heirs, a copy of the death certificate, and a copy of the power of attorney if the applicant is an agent of the heirs in “.PDF” format. In addition, if the deed of heirs did not include the heir’s National ID number, a copy of his/her National ID must be included. 

  •  What information is required to complete the application?
During the registration process, the applicant's information is recorded, which are: the applicant’s name, National ID number and mobile number as registered in Absher, in addition to the applicant’s Email. Upon request of the disclosure, it is required to provide the power of attorney number if the applicant is an agent of the heirs, in addition to inserting the deceased’s name, nationality and the type and number of his/her national ID. In addition to pointing out the importance of the archiving number if the deceased is a Saudi national; in order to check the deceased owner of any shares certificates.


  •  Who is eligible to apply?
Heirs of the deceased (included in the deed of heirs) or their agent.

  •  If I have difficulties while submitting an application, what should I do?
You can contact the officers in charge at the Authority on (0114906177).


  • I have applied for disclosing the investment assets belonging to the deceased, How do I make sure that the request was sent to the Authority successfully?
When the application is submitted, the system displays a message for the applicant stating that the application has been successfully submitted.


  • I have submitted a request for disclosure. How do I know that my application has been completed and ready to be received?
The applicant will be notified with a text message to his/her mobile number registered in Absher, and to view the result of the disclosure, the applicant must log in via the link of the service.


  • What are the data disclosed in this service?
All investment assets belonging to the deceased with the Securities Depository Center Company and Capital Market Institutions.


  • What is the mechanism for disclosing the investment assets belonging to the deceased?
The Capital Market Authority passes the request to the Securities Depository Center Company and the Authorised Persons to disclose all investment assets belonging to the deceased. After the responses are obtained from all of them, the data are collected in a single report, so that the applicant can view it through the Authority's website.


  • Are distributed or accrued profits appear in the disclosure form?
The disclosure includes statements of securities and cash balances available in the deceased's investment account. In case of a desire to inquire about the accrued profits of the deceased, if any, the Authorised persons who has an investment relationship with the deceased shall be contacted to inquire about the profits, and in case of unearned due dividends with a listed company that has not been distributed, such company shall be directly contacted.

  • What are the procedures for liquidating the investment assets of the deceased?
Paragraph (c) of Article 16 of the Investment Accounts Instructions (published on the Authority’s website) has regulated the relevant aspects of that. However, if the investment assets contain certificates of shares, the applicant shall contact and coordinate with the securities depository centre company.

  • Do I have to be present at the Authority’s quarters to obtain the disclosure data?
No, such investment data can be accessed through the service provided on the Authority's website, except in certain cases requiring the applicant's presence at the Authority's headquarters to verify some of the submitted data.
  • Can I print disclosure data?
Yes, by logging into the account through which the application was submitted on the Authority’s website.
  • Can I enter a mobile number other than the one registered in Absher?
Registration can only be made through the mobile number registered in Absher.