Use of Open Data Policy

​The Capital Market Authority has provided an electronic platform for open data for all visitors and users to enable them to take advantage of and reuse the available data that is comprising of reports and statistics on the Saudi Capital Market.

The user of this platform can ,through open data,export files, reports, and special editions in different formats, such as (XLSx - XLS - XML) and review, search and download them as well. Taking into account the preservation of copyright and intellectual property in all cases (© The Capital Market Authority).

Data User Liability

Open data user is liable for data reuse in the portal of Capital Market Authority including any errors in the data source, content or history. He or she should not distort the content, source, or history of this data.

The data must not be used in any illegal activity according to the Kingdom's judicial regulations. That is in respect to all claims and disputes arising from  the use of open data on CMA's website.

Capital Market Authority Liability

Capital Market Authority is not liable for any misuse or damage resulting from the reuse of this data that is published in the portal. The Authority cannot be held liable for users claims or losses of any damage due to the reuse of such data.