Chapter Five Brokers Regulation - Article Thirty Five

​The Exchange may carry out investigations and inspections in connection with any licensed broker or broker’s agent to verify whether that person or another person has violated, is violating or there is evidence substantiating that it is about to violate the regulations and instructions of the Exchange. The Exchange’s investigation and inspection powers shall include the power to require the production of any person’s testimony, papers, books and documents which the Exchange deems necessary or relevant to its inquiry. The Exchange may require the attendance of witnesses or the submission of documents and evidence.  Inspection may take place wherever the records are situated.  The Exchange can exercise its power to carry out such investigations and inspections by obtaining a subpoena or an order for interrogation or inspection or such other order from the Committee for Resolution of Securities Disputes. The Committee shall accept the Exchange’s request for a subpoena or other order unless it is established to the Committee that the Exchange’s request is arbitrary or involves abuse of power.